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Trip to the Vet

Tips and tricks to prepare your pet!


We’re here for your pet’s check-up and treatment.

Once in a while, you may need to take your pet to a veterinary clinic for check-up and treatment. The check-up may be general or specialized, like dental care or organ assessment. Taking such trips can be stressful for your pet. In our Tuscaloosa veterinary office, we strive to make every experience at our veterinary office as relaxing as possible. Here are some of the things you should do before the appointment:

1. Make the pet familiar with the clinic

Go with your pet to the clinic a few times before the day of the check-up. Take them around and allow them to interact with the vet techs. Give them some cuddles and positive treats within the facility to create a positive expectation prior to the appointment.

2. Mimic the check-up process

As you play with your dog, carry out simple activities to prepare him for the checkup experience. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Rubbing his ears or sticking your fingers in them
  • Checking the nails and clipping them
  • Putting your fingers between the paw pads
  • Rubbing the belly
3. Reduce food portions

If possible, minimize or avoid giving food to your pet before the visit. We recommend that you do not feed them three hours prior to the appointment. Doing this prevents the pet from feeling nauseated when traveling by car.

4. Carry the pet’s favorite treats

Bring along some of your pet’s favorite treats as well as familiar toys. These will help the pet relax during the check-up process. You may also purchase commercial blankets and towels containing calming pheromones that promote relaxation.

5. Familiarize the pet with car rides

In case you will be driving your pet to the clinic, ensure that they are used to being driven. Get the right carrier, and take the pet for a walk prior to the appointment to exhaust a portion of its energy.

6. Bathroom

Allow your pet to relieve himself or herself before leaving the house and right before you enter the clinic.

* Some clinics may require that you bring a stool sample beforehand. Call your vet ahead of the book appointment and find out. If your pet does not get along with other animals, inform your vet as well, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask beforehand.