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Dental Care

Protect your pet’s overall health with proper dental care.


Pets have dental diseases and problems just like people do.

Regular veterinary dental check-ups at Indian Hills Animal Clinic in Tuscaloosa, combined with good dental hygiene at home, can increase your pet’s well-being and help ensure your pet leads the best life possible.

If left untreated, dental disease can not only be painful and inhibit proper nutrition but can also lead to serious systemic issues that may threaten your pet’s health before symptoms are noticeable. For those reasons, the veterinary team considers dental care a vital piece of your pet’s preventive health care program.

Should it become necessary, we refer all pet patients requiring root canals to a local veterinary dental specialist.

In Between Cleanings: Pet Dental Care at Home

You can prevent serious dental problems by making sure your pet receives dental exams at the time of each vaccination, again at six months of age, and then annually. In between veterinary visits, check your pet’s teeth regularly for signs of problems. Brushing your pet’s teeth is the single most important procedure you can do to maintain good oral health. If performed regularly, brushing dramatically decreases the incidence of gingivitis and can increase the interval between cleanings. If you are unsure of how to brush your pet’s teeth, please ask a medical staff member for instructions.

Symptoms of dental disease include:

  • Bad breath—one of the first signs of dental disease
  • A yellowish-brown crust of plaque on the teeth near the gum line
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Pain or bleeding when your pet eats or when the mouth or gums are touched
  • Decreased appetite or difficulty eating
  • Loose or missing teeth