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Client Testimonials

Trust, compassion, empathy, caring and friendship; these priceless blessings were given to my family and our beloved 11 year old, blind cocker spaniel the first day we walked through the doors of the IHAC (Indian Hills Animal Clinic).

Dr. Smith and his wonderful staff truly became family friends. Most importantly, they took excellent care of our very special needs dog, Bama. She boarded many, many times, needed frequent appointments for various health issues and was regularly groomed at IHAC.

If you are reading this now, I assume you are looking for the best care for your furry family member. Look no further - you have found it. My dog was almost 15 when, together with Dr. Smith, my daughter and I made the extremely difficult decision that the day had come to "put Bama down", as the expression goes. End her life - to actually decide that May 18, 2012, was going to be her last day was heart-breaking. Vickie made that day a little easier. Joyce, Diana, Johnathan,Larry along with Dr. Smith - they all made that dreaded day easier. Family. Vickie came to my house and loaded my dog and me into her car and drove us to the IHAC... I asked her to stay with us until the end. She did - she held my hand. Dr. Smith said a prayer. Oh, how much I appreciated their hugs, tears and compassion.

A year passed before I walked through those doors again. I had missed the friendships and the family atmosphere. However, I knew that when I was ready to love another dog, I would, once again, walk through those doors and find the same trust, compassion, empathy, caring and friendship as I had in 2008.

We adopted a 4 year old dog, Snow, a few weeks ago from a Humane Society. The day she became ours, we headed straight to the IHAC. I was so happy to see the beautiful faces of Vickie and Joyce at the front door - the familiar smiles and kind words of Dr. Smith, Diana, Johnathan and Larry. I was also happy to know that the fine, dependable, compassionate "behind the scene" staff was also there, well-trained and so very capable of handling any situation which might arise.

Snow is going to love her extended IHAC Family, just as Bama did. Home Again!

—Frances Fulton Galbraith

After 32 years of teaching, I retired in 2012. My last twenty-five years was at Faucett-Vestavia Elementary School. I was honored to teach two of Dr. Philip Smith's children. Matthew, his oldest child, was in my third grade class, and he shared with me that his dad would go every summer to a remote village in Alaska to care for the pets of the villagers. My thoughts were, "How caring and Dr. Smith was a missionary for animals."

Emily, my daughter, was in college and her beloved Siberian husky, Denali, lived with me. I wanted Dr. Smith to be Denali's doctor because of his kind manner, love for animals, and how he approached the healthcare of animals. All animal lovers know that, your pet is a member of the family. Denali was not an exception. She was a member of the family and we loved her dearly. After college, Emily moved to Washington D.C. Her sacrifice to live in D.C. was she would be separated from Denali. Denali lived with me where she had a big yard and could run free. Emily said, "Though I would have loved to have her in Washington and made her a "Capitol dog," I did not want her to live in a townhouse. She would have been away from her home in Alabama with a big yard for running and chasing squirrels." After Emily's move to Washington, I thought that through Denali living in Alabama, a part of Emily was also living in Alabama. Denali filled a void in my life.

At the age of seven, Denali passed away at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine from a cancerous mass on her liver. Emily wrote a farewell letter to all who had cared for and knew Denali. She included the following about Dr. Smith and his staff. "A very special thank you to Indian Hills Animal Clinic and Pet Hotel for the loving care given to Denali during the past seven years, and a very special thank you, Dr. Smith, for the personal attention you gave Denali, my mom, and me during the early weeks and throughout her illness. You were there for Denali, mom, and me during a very difficult time."

Dr. Smith continues to be the veterinarian for Ally, a Neapolitan mastiff, which belongs to my son Scott. He is currently in Afghanistan. Ally came to live with me when she was six months old. She is now six and requires a great amount of love, attention, and care for all the problems a big dog inherits. Dr. Smith and his staff gives Ally expert care and attention. Through his care, Ally continues to chase squirrels and believes she can catch a bird in the air. Also, Emily returns from Washington with Coco Chanel, her Chihuahua, to Dr. Smith and his staff for love, attention and expert care. Dr. Smith is very through and will, "Leave no stone unturned" in his diagnosis and treatment of animals.

The Indian Hills Animal Clinic is rated a 5 plus stars in my book, and I recommend it highly for expert care and attention of your beloved pet. What else can I say about this very compassionate, competent man and his staff!

—Paulette Dillard
Retired third grade teacher F.V.E.S.

Client Testimonials

I want to thank you for taking in Puff and Puffette in the tornado aftermath. I don't know what I would have done without your generosity. You lightened my daily responsibilities in huge measure and you gave me peace of mind to know that my cats were safe and loved. Your staff was the best, so obvious was their caring and sense of professionalism. I will always be grateful for your help.

—Nancy Callahan

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